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High Speed Fully Automatic Side Seal Packing Machine

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Software, food, cosmetics, printing, pharmaceutical, flooring, ceramics, beverage, metal, plastics and other industries large quantities of shrink wrap. Suitable for OPP, POF, PE, PVC and other shrink packaging materials.


  1. Constant heated sealing blades can perform continuously, which enables no limit of product length and high capacity of up to 60 bags per minute.

  2. Auto photocell in-feed system provides both horizontal and vertical choices to suit various product sizes.

  3. Product changeovers can be easily realized by hand wheel adjustments, no elements need to be replaced.

  4. Machine produces an enclosed pack with sealing on 3 sides.

  5. Applicable for PE, POF and other center-folded shrink films, especially for POF shrink film packing.

  6. Automatic Waste Strip wind up design.

  7. Motor-driven in feed conveyor and free roller Out-feed conveyor are options for fully automatic application.


  1. Kissing belt (suitable for small, irregular products)

  2. Printing Film Photo sensor

  3. 1 .5M infeed conveyor

  4. Automatic Product Pusher

  5. 3 meters length lugs pushing conveyor


※Special size can be customer made

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