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Automatic Rotary Level Filling And Capping Machine



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APFL-12C6 Rotary Level Filler by neck hold

APFL-12C6 Rotary Level Filler by neck hold

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This machine is designed for low viscosity liquid like water, milk, juice filling and capping.


Standard Features:

  1. Filling, Cap sorting, Cap Inserting and Capping in one machine, high efficiency and space saving

  2. Gentle gravity fed filling for accurate dosing without foaming.

  3. Quick release change parts

  4. Smooth handling of containers(bottom or neck handling)

  5. Stainless Steel Construction, Low maintenance and down time

  6. High levels of SIP and CIP to ensure optimal level of hygiene, complying to GMP requirements

  7. No Container no fill feature to minimize product wastage

  8. Production friendly operation from base mounted control panel

  9. A safe working environment ensured by full safety guard when confirms to CE standard

  10. Various capping options

  11. Selected electrical parts


  1. Integral CIP system

  2. Container Divert/ Reject System

  3. Nitrogen Dosing System

  4. Vacuum Fill System (for higher viscosity liquid)


**(Final speed determined by product viscosity, filling volume, foaming characters as well as bottle and cap design)

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