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Automatic High Speed Capping Machine



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AFLS-840 + ACM-1208 + ALB-620R Filling + Capping + Labeling + Pump head inserting

AFLS-840 + ACM-1208 + ALB-620R Filling + Capping + Labeling + Pump head inserting

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Machine adopts side capping, suitable for various material bottle and cap types. Capping speed could be up to 100 bottles per minute.


Standard Features:

  1. Advanced man-machine interface operating system, adjust the operating parameters can be stored, fault tips, easy to use.

  2. Movement 8 capping, capping fast and effective for foods to avoid breakage and damage to the cap.

  3. Just adjust the timing belt, screw-cap wheel spacing and height to fit in the rack within the scope of all kinds of bottles without having to replace parts.

  4. High and low for a variety of bottle, bottle shape-round, square, oval or flat side of the various types of bottles.

  5. Aluminum exterior steel structure, elegant appearance.

  6. Machine construction in stainless steel #304.

  7. PLC+ touch screen control system.

  8. No components need to be changed when material or figure of bottles and caps changed, only the position of several components need to be adjusted.

  9. No bottle, no cap inserting, no bottle, no capping.

  10. Machine is equipped with safety hood.


  1. Automatic Cap Feeder and Inserter (for one cap size)


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